sexta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2009

Das guitarras com botões II

«I'm so hopeful for the future of music because we've gone through a very difficult period, where it's become a lot more poppy and there's been a magic taken out of music, and I hope it's starting to come back. I think a lot of these young kids that start out with Guitar Hero and Rock Band are developing an interest in music and learning how to really play the songs.» disse Alex Lifeson na entrevista que referi na posta anterior.

Visão diferente vem no artigo de opinião que gostei de ler no Guardian. Num tom humorista, o autor parte dos dados mais sérios de que, pela primeira vez, as vendas de jogos podem ter superado as de música e DVD's em conjunto, e da popularidade dos "jogos de guitarra" para sugerir:

«Rather than making Guitar Hero guitars harder or more "realistic", surely the success of Guitar Hero means that the onus is now on the manufacturers of "real" guitars to make them easier (...)
Why are they still making guitars with "real" strings that are difficult and boring to learn how to play and really make your fingers hurt? What is the point? (...) Buttons have proven themselves to be much easier and more efficient. Plus, with the button guitar you can still use the instrument for its main purpose – pretending that it's a penis or a machine gun. (...)
We demand piece-of-piss-to-play button guitars now. And pre-programmed "hurdy gurdy" guitars that actually play both louder and faster the harder you crank the handle. (...)»

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