segunda-feira, 3 de novembro de 2008

Os falhanços da DRM

«Thank God for DRM. Without it, the internet would be a cesspool of illegally pirated music, movies and software. Oh, wait, the internet totally is that, because DRM is, quite possibly, the most pointless innovation of the digital age. Companies spend millions of dollars each year coming up with new ways to protect their online content just to see some fifteen year old kid figure out how to circumvent it. Repeat as needed.
But DRM isn't just an exercise in futility. When you absolutely, positively, must anger every customer you have, few weapons are better than DRM. Take these shenanigans, for example...»

Não podia deixar de referir este artigo muito interessante e num tom cómico-ridículo intitulado 5 Biggest Music DRM Debacles of All Time.

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