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«Tabarly»: o regresso de Yann Tiersen

Dia 9 de Junho foi editado o mais recente trabalho do multi-facetado Yann Tiersen. Um belo trabalho no estilo minimalista a que já nos habituou, privilegiando neste registo o piano e apresentando um disco mais «minimal» (nos arranjos e instrumentação) que os anteriores. Gostei do álbum, tem momentos belos. Podem ouvir 3 temas no seu myspace.

Fiquemos com as suas palavras (e o excerto de uma entrevista):

«As I was working on my next album, I was sent a request. It was about a documentary on French sailor Eric Tabarly.
Straight away I thought it would again be one of those lyrical documentaries such as "A man facing the sea". Add a bit of accordion in it and we'll reach the height of bad taste. I watched the film and realised it wasn't. It's an elegant portrait of Eric Tabarly.
The narrator is Tabarly himself, honest, not bothering about the media. A lesson of integrity. That's why I've decided to work on it and postpone the work my own album for a quick while. I've then recorded a series of musical pieces.
A sort of musical portrait of the man...»

«Did you work with an edited version of the movie?
I haven't worked with any images. I only got myself inspired with the man's personality, so much that for a month, I was totally obsessed with it. I've read lots of things about him. Straight after accepting to work on the project, I knew it was going to be great. But quickly I started to wonder what on earth I was going to do… Because in a way, any music can illustrate a sailing race, who cares? (laughs) I mean, there's no specific music for that! And that's why I got myself impregnated by the man's story. I composed the music in Ouessant. What's a bit awkward is that Ouessant is the place in France where he's had his last dinner…


Why have you chosen the piano in 9 pieces out of 15 on the "Tabarly" album?
Well, to be honest, the first reason is that I didn't have much time for something else! (laughs) But it doesn't mean I've botched up the thing. Piano worked well. I'm actually working on my own album and there aren't much of it. This project allowed me to play the piano again and I really enjoyed it.

What is your coming album like?
It's hard work. There were lots of contrasts in my last albums. Some were very acoustic while others were very electro. In the next, you'll find those two aspects together in one piece. I'm also working hard on the sound aspect of it. A voice will be present on every piece of music but not necessarily to make a song out of it. It'll be more like any other instruments. I've been working on it since last September. I've never worked this way before: I can work on the same piece for a month, it takes time.

When is your next album due?
It could be in February. But it may as well be two albums and not only one.»

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